Descendants of Cornelius Hendrick Vrooman

Cornelius Hendrick Vrooman is believed to have been born in The Netherlands in the mid-1500's.

His son, Bartholomeus, was born in 1590 in the city of Leiden. Three of the four children of Bartholomeus emigrated with their families to America in the mid-1600's, settling in Albany and Schenectady counties in New York. The families occupied various parts of this rich, hilly farmland for the next 150 years or so.

Josiah B. Vrooman, the fifth-great grandson of Cornelius, farmed in the Schoharie County area of New York before moving to Pennsylvania in the early-1800's. Then, he and his five sons moved to Oconomowoc in Waukesha County in about 1850.

One of Josiah's grandsons, James Meyers Vroman, married Caroline Louisa "Carrie" Vandervort in 1867, with many of their descendants settling in Monroe County in the late-1800's.

(Much of the information in this report was developed in a joint effort with "The Vandervort Gang" and I thank them sincerely for their efforts. The members of this nationwide group are: Arlyn Bernhardt, Barbara Borns, Jim Dezotell, Janelle (Vandervort) Dvorak, Jacqueline (Watson) Gelly, Judy (Birkholz) Kortbein, Linda (Von der Ohe) Lange, Diana (Heser) Morse, Karla (Von Fumetti) Staudt, and Bob, Chris, Darryl, DeVere, Glenn, Jerry and Oscar Vandervort.)

To trace the link of the descendants of Cornelius that settled in Monroe County, follow the people with a "(^)" after their name.

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